The College Council advised that the selection criteria for the new President of HSMC are as follows:

Excellent academic standing and leadership:

The new President should have excellent academic standing, with significant contributions to teaching and learning and possess the necessary intellectual qualities inclusive of a strong aspiration and commitment to leading HSMC in its pursuit of academic excellence and taking it to new heights.


He/She should be a widely respected person and be able to uphold HSMC’s core values and safeguard its interests.


He/She should be innovative and have a solid knowledge of trends and developments in higher education, as well as a strong vision of HSMC’s role, commitment and future development in the region.

Demonstrated management capability:

He/She should be able to lead an academic community with diversified interests, and be good at team building, conflict resolution and crisis management, and possess a proven track record of resource development and fund-raising.

Effective interpersonal and communication skills:

He/She should be willing to consult and engage students, staff and other relevant stakeholders in promoting the vision and mission of HSMC, and be able to project HSMC’s image and enhance its reputation.